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So tired

Yesterday after work I went to the grocery store and picked up more than I had intended.  I then went to dinner and it was disappointing.  The food used to be good.  Now it’s just watered down and bland.

I managed to go into a bakery near the restaurant and bought some goodies.  I used tonight’s dinner as justification.  It was dessert. 😉

After dinner I went to Costco to pick up a slab of salmon to bake for dinner tonight.  I was originally going to make stew pork but I invited my Aunt and she is not a fan.  While at Costco … I picked up some snacks for my girls.

This morning I got up around 6:30 am.  Much too early for a Saturday.  I went to drop Diva at her friend’s house for 7.

I came back home with the intention of getting the meat I bought on Friday seasoned and put in the freezer BUT tiredness overcame me and I went to lay down.

BIG mistake.

I did go back to sleep but I woke up more tired than I started.

I did the 30 day shred which hurt as I did it less than 12 hours before.

**Let me back track for a quick second.  Last night after I got home from Costco at 8:30 pm I had to give my girls the ugly face as I left them with a couple of chores to do and they did not do them.  So we put away the groceries from Costco and then cleaned up the house.  It was almost 10 by the time we were finished.  I was spent.  Then I remembered that I had not worked out.  My kids were “encouraging” me to go get it done.  One of my cousins popped up on Skype and told me not to overextend myself.  By the time I psyched myself up to workout it was 10:30 pm 😦  But I got it done.**

Now where was I?  Oh yes 30 day shred twice in less than 12 hours.  MADNESS!!!

I went to meet my girl for brunch at 11.  We had a nice time catching up and vowed to get back to our once a month date.

After brunch I stopped by the eyebrow place and there was NO ONE waiting in line.  Rare for a Saturday.  I was in and out in under 10 minutes. 🙂

Then I was off to pick up Diva from her friend’s house, then pick up my friend to bring her to my place.  On the way home I stopped at the liquor store to purchase a bottle of wine for my step-Mom.

It took us 3+ hours to clean out most of my cupboards.  My friend suggested that I group things in my cupboards by like items.  So all the canned goods go in one spot.  The spaghetti sauce in another, etc, etc.

I got rid of a lot of expired food and also food we were not going to eat.

Of course it is only when I sat down to write this post does it occur to me that I should have taken before pictures … or even after pics. O_o

After cleaning, I seasoned the salmon and then went out with my friend to pick up my Aunt.  My girl wanted to stop at a particular Walmart that was a bit out of the way.  Had it not been after 6:30 and I was only running on food from brunch it might have happened.  But hunger won and we just picked up my Aunt.  I told my friend we could go when I was dropping my Aunt home since that Walmart is open until 11 pm.

I had Princess make rice and put the salmon in the oven while I was out.  By the time we returned the rice was supposed to be ready but it was still wet so that gave me time to steam the carrots.

We ate dinner, had bakery goodies for dessert. 🙂

Then after 8 pm my girl reminded me of our trip to Walmart.  I said we still had time.  She stated she wanted to walk around. 😦  I swear she was just going to get 3 or 4 things.

My Aunt said she wanted to make the trip as she needed a battery.

So after 9 off we went to Walmart.  We spent over 1 hour wandering around while my girl went up and down most aisles.

I did not return home until after 11 pm.

I am beat.

I still have meat in my fridge that I need to season before putting in the freezer. 😦  I plan to get this done tomorrow before I go to my Dad’s.

If time permits, I would like to take my girls to see Iron Man 3.  I have movie passes. 🙂

Shhhh, don’t tell Princess, just in case there isn’t time.


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  1. No wonder you are beat! That is an amazing effort – especially doing the workout at 10:30pm after housework! I will definitely remember that next time I’m making excuses for not exercising.

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