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Work Frustrations

I don’t really talk about work at all.  Not here or IRL.  There is very little to say most of the time.  I got to work. I come home.  Real simple.  Whatever happens at work, usually stays at work.

Recently we have been experiencing some technical difficulties.  A program that runs all our jobs has decided to quit.  Because we are 3 versions behind the current version, there is no support available.  Our options are buy the upgrade, used a different program or run it manually.

Right now it is being manually run by yours truly.

I have no issue running the jobs as I can do it from home.

My issue is with the member of my staff whose position is dependent on the running of the jobs.

She usually starts at 6 something.  This is a decision that she made.  She can actually start work at 7:30 and still get some work available for those employees that come in at 8:30.

The problem with the scheduler started on Friday.  When we finally decided to just run the jobs manually it was after 9 am.  The first job finished at 9:45.  She started to do her work then and still managed to get it all done and left the office by 1:45 pm.

So I asked her to come in at 8 am Monday morning.  She came in at 6:45 and then texted me to start the jobs.

This happened again yesterday.  So when I came into work I asked her to stop contacting me before 8 am.

This morning she texted me every 10 minutes starting at 6:50 to run the job.

We had a meeting today to say officially we are changing the start times of everyone in here.  She asked why could I not get up at 7 and press the button.  Or rather still why could we not teach her how to  press the button.

She actually said “I am not happy about this”.  Fair enough.

The owner of the company is not comfortable teaching her to “press a button”.

I’m not sure what exactly is her problem other than it’s a change and she does not handle change well.

My boss brought up the fact that she was now asking me to start work 2 hours earlier and I am inconvenienced by this so she is not the only one who is being affected.

There was no recognition of this fact.  It really seemed like it didn’t matter to her at all.

Did I mention that she reports to me??? ARGHHH!!!

So is it me?  Am I being an unnecessary pain or is she just a bit unreasonable?


Comments on: "Work Frustrations" (4)

  1. Is there a critical reason why she needs to start so early? Like, does she have familial commitments that require her to finish early? Either way, I think everyone needs to give a little – meet in the middle. And I’m tripping on the fact that she reports to you.

  2. Ugh…we have ongoing issues about start times at my work, too. It sounds a bit complicated to sort out at your work…never easy when start/end times impact on others.

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