Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

5 things

I kept meaning to come on here and write a post but with the great weather, it was not happening.

Let’s see what is new or exciting.

  1. It’s a long weekend here in Canada.  We are celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday.  So Monday is a holiday.  WHOO HOO!!!!
  2. On Friday my boss informed the managing owner that a couple of people were taking Tuesday off.  I jumped in and added so we are closing the office.  He did not react.  In fact he said he knows nothing we should do what we think is best.  I voted for taking Tuesday off.  Wouldn’t you know I have a telephone meeting at 2 pm but I can call in from home.
  3. Yesterday I went to Winners and bought myself a new maxi dress and sheets for my new mattress.  The new sheets fit!! 🙂  I love dresses.  One garment, a complete outfit!!  What’s not to love?
  4. I also went to see my cousin’s new little boy.  OMG is he ever cute and a good baby.  He did nothing but sleep and eat and … while we were there.  Minimal crying.  This prompted Diva to ask for a baby sibling.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  5. I am going to see Iron Man 3 tomorrow with a gift card.  Free movies, sign me up.

Now you are all caught up.


Comments on: "5 things" (2)

  1. Wow a day off, time with a baby, and a free movie-I think you have it all figured out!!!!

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