Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

OTMTW – 5/19/13

How is it Tuesday already?

The menu this week will look like this:

Sunday – If I say I can’t remember what we ate would that be bad?
Monday – Hamburgers
Tuesday – spaghetti and meatballs
Wednesday – breakfast for dinner
Thursday – leftovers
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – South Street (have to get this done, the groupon expires next week)


Since I knew I had an extra day off I did not do many of my regular weekend chores and now I don’t feel like doing anything. 😦

This morning I threw out 6 homemade buns as I left them on the kitchen table instead of putting them in the fridge. 😦  Message received.  I am not a fan of food waste and need to get a better handle on it.


On a happier note, I found magic in the form of a jar.  On Saturday I was wondering around the natural food store when a lady asked me if I knew what was good to use to get rid of acne scars.  She was looking for 100% shea butter but couldn’t find it.  I had no idea but I went over to the section where she was and I did find a couple of other options.  Which got me thinking.  I have had a recent bout of acne that I can’t stop picking.  I picked up a small jar with the hopes of preventing scarring.

All I can say is HOLY MOLY BATMAN!!

Friday night I went to bed really late and woke up looking like a possible candidate to play an old hag without any additional makeup.  I looked tired and ancient.  Something like this.

Hag (Source)

It was not pretty.

Saturday night I went bed really late again because I don’t learn.  This time before going to bed I covered my face in the shea butter.  When I got up in the morning I was pleasantly surprised.  The old hag did not make an appearance. 🙂 I am converted.


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