Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

I guess given the date this can not really be called a mid-month anything. lol

I actually forgot what my goals were.  But thanks to Mutant Supermodel, I made a calendar entry in my phone to check in on the 15th, which I ignored until today.

So what were my goals?

May Goals

  1. Exercise Monday through Friday
  2. Finish my vision board
  3. Finish my scarf, I’m almost to the halfway point
  4. Read 2 books
  5. Use only cash and stick to the budget
  6. 10 no spend days

Dang, I clear forgot about the vision board. 😦 Does one still do a vision board for the year when the year is almost half over?

I have not touched my scarf …

This month is not shaping up so well.

I wonder if I could pull a rabbit out of my hat.



Comments on: "Mid-month goals check in" (6)

  1. That’s pretty much the summary of my goals too…so you’re in good company! And you have over a week left! 🙂

  2. I too have ignored my goals all month! I can’t remember all of them but I know one of them was to read 2 papers relevant to my PhD I am starting in the autumn, still got 8 days to do so so that I can at least tick that goal off! 😉

  3. […] my first thought is that it is better than I thought it would be considering I did not review my goals until way past mid-month.  Silly me.  And then between dress shopping and family visiting … […]

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