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Creepy much?

So I came home early yesterday to find a white Honda Civic beside the top of the driveway to get into my underground garage.  It struck me as odd but I thought that they were just doing a U-turn and trying to get off the property.

When I went to the top of the driveway, the car pulled in behind me.


So I stopped and waited.  Yes I am slightly paranoid, but usually with good reason.  I am extremely nosy.  I like to know who is around me at all time and the thought of going into an underground garage with a car full of guys behind me was not so exciting to me.

Anyhoo back to my story.

Since they made no attempt to get around me I assumed that they were waiting for me to let them into the garage.

HOMEY DON’T PLAY THAT!!  (Yes I watched some a lot 90’s TV ;))

I put my car in reverse and waited.

Eventually they reversed out of my way.  As I went to put my car in the visitor’s parking lot, I noticed two things; another neighbour coming to the garage and the super.

So I got out of my car and yelled to my super.  Asking him who drives a white Civic other than the old condo board president.  He couldn’t think of anyone and came to the garage door to see what I was talking about.

In the mean time the car drove into the garage after my neighbour.

In the garage the car drove to the back and of the garage and looked like it was going to park.  So for a split second I thought “Dang girl, you might need to see someone about your issues.”

BUT then they started to drive back towards the garage door.

My garage requires a key fob to get in or out.  Before I moved in there was a string of car thefts and vandalism so once in you need a key to exit.

My super walked up to the car and asked them what they were doing in the garage as it was private property.  They was some mention of looking for a friend or meeting up with a friend.  It all seemed fishy to me.  He told them it was private property and threatened to call the police.  They decided they were going to leave and drove to the garage door.  Of course they had to wait for one of us to let them out.

My neighbour who let them in looked remorseful.  He said he didn’t think anything about it until I started yelling at the super but by then he had already opened the door and started to drive forward. 

This whole situation has creeped me out.

What I’ve been pondering is why were they there?  What mischief were they looking to do?  What would have happened if I was not there playing the role of the nosy neighbour?


Comments on: "Creepy much?" (6)

  1. Ugh!! You have been given good radar!! That wouldn’t impress me either.. good for you for simply not “turning the other cheek” as many would have done!

  2. That really is creepy! Lucky you followed up and did something…and were observant enough to notice!

  3. Good for you, I’ve had to stop watching the show “I survived” because it was making me paranoid. So many crazy near death stories. However, the one thing I learned from it was, follow your intuition. So many of the real life stories were people who knew someone or something wasn’t quite right, but ignored that little voice in their head and regretted it later.

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