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At the mall

It’s that time of year again … graduation.

This year is Diva’s turn.

My hope is to find a dress by next Saturday as we have a party to go to and if the dress can be worn at least twice I would be happier.

We spent 3 hours yesterday looking and came home with nothing … nada … zip. 😦

I have clear rules about what I think is appropriate for a 13-year-old child to wear.  Of course this daughter is not called “Diva” for no reason.  She is very fashion conscious and wants to wear whatever is in style.  In fact the worst thing to happen to her so far in life is that I put her in a school that requires her to wear a uniform.  She even wrote an essay on it; how much we were stifling her creativity and sense of individuality.  Poor kid, her life is “hard”.

Unfortunately for her what is “in style” would better suit a 22-year-old than her.  She was not impressed with me.

There were very few dresses that were found that we both agreed on.  I want to say there were 2.  BUT the thought of paying over $100 on a dress for a kid who likes to drop her clothes on the floor or shove them under the bed did not entice me at all.  One of the dresses was $225 … before Ontario’s lovely 13% sales tax.  I don’t think so.

While out my BFF called me to tell me about a store she found in Pickering Town Centre.  She said there were dresses in this store starting at $4.  Now we are talking.  If I did not have my Grandfather’s party to help out with today I would have met her there.  So maybe tomorrow I will be trucking out there after work to see what I can find.

We will not get started about the shoes just yet. 😉


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  1. Isn’t it just jaw-dropping what some of the girls wear now!? And how much the parents spend…?? When I had my gr.8 grad it was more a “sundress” type thing… now it seems to be “red carpet bare it all” for the gr.8’s… eek! Good luck finding an appropriate & affordable dress for Diva!! I’d love to see a pic of whatever you find! 🙂

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