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OTMTW 5/26/13

meal planning

Is it just me or is time flying.  I feel like I just did one of these.

Sunday – Grandfather’s birthday party 🙂
Monday – Dad’s house for left overs
Tuesday – honey garlic meatballs and mashed potatoes
Wednesday – pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes
Thursday – curry shrimp and roti
Friday – leftovers
Saturday – Uncle’s birthday party 🙂

Most of what is on the menu this week is leftover from my Grandfather’s party.  My Dad & step-Mom over-estimated quantities in a big way.  My Dad asked his wife to make 4 pots of curried chicken and pick up some other meat just in case someone didn’t want curry.  He also asked her to order 54 roti for the estimated 25 people they were expecting.  Everyone only ate half of one as they are rather big.  The other meat my step-Mom picked up was pork tenderloin … 16 of them.  There’s a lot of left overs.


Comments on: "OTMTW 5/26/13" (3)

  1. Love weeks like that 🙂 It sounds like a yummy party!

  2. Your meals sound yummy!!! I need more time to cook! I’m always on the hunt for under 30 minute recipes. Have a great week!!

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