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What a great party

Firstly I am not sure how my Dad & step-Mom managed to pull off a surprise party for my Grandfather while he is staying at their house but they did.

I was assigned appetizer duty.  And even though I borrowed platters and a beverage dispenser from one of my friends, it still did not stop me from purchasing this.

veggie tray (Source)

Once my step-Mom told me her plan was to have everyone outside I thought we need to keep the dip cool as food poisoning is never fun. This tray is comprised of many parts.  The compartments sit on top of the base which you can put ice in to keep everything cool.  Plus it also has lids so you could cover up your food.  I was impressed and so was most of my family.  One of my Aunts told me if I forgot it at my parents’ house, I should look for it in her house!! LOL

This little gem of a serving tray also got me “work”.  I did such a good job with the veggie tray that one of my Aunts wants me to make one on Saturday for the party she is throwing my Uncle.

I picked up one of my Grandmother’s friends and was the second to arrive.  A little while later my Grandmother came downstairs and was shocked to see some of her oldest friends and me.  My Grandparents live in the Caribbean and have not seen me or my kids in over 10 years.  Going to visit them is on my list of things to do but it is so expensive to fly the 3 of us down there that I kept putting it off.  It was nearing the top of my list when I learned they would be coming to Toronto. 🙂

It was a great party.  My Grandparents are in their 80s and thank God healthy and capable.    They are here for 2 weeks and I will be going to spend more time with them.


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  1. Looks so delicious and healthy. Love those sort of things where you can snack a lot without feeling guilty. Hope you really enjoy the 2 weeks with your grandparents!

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