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More time in a mall

Last night my BFF met me at Pickering Town Centre.  My hope was that this new favourite store of hers would be successful.

It was not.

A lot of the items in this store were too short, too see thru, too flimsy, too grown up.  Yes the clothes were cheap.  But they also gave me the impression that the items were wash once and throw away.

We spent another 3 hours in the mall and still came up empty. 😦

It is draining.

At one point Diva put on a cute jumper and was almost sold.  But then she felt she would look too different in pants when all the other girls would most likely be in a dress.

There must be some happy medium out there somewhere.

I still have a couple more places I could look.  I am crossing my fingers that my next option will yield some results.


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