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Still dress shopping

Lately I have been cursing my desire to find a dress both Diva & I agree on.  Last time I spoke about the journey on here we had struck out for a 4th time.

I thought I had an ace up my sleeve with an outlet store.  I mean who would have thought we would not have been able to find a dress in a store that looks like this?

There were lots and lots and lots of dresses and none that we agreed on.  The price point was a little higher than I would have liked but it was buy one get one half off and I had 2 dresses to buy so I thought it would work out in the end.

Thursday night found us in Markville Mall.

Diva liked this.

It looked better on the hanger.  It was too short and way too tight.

I was leaning towards this green dress.

Green dress

If Diva could have disowned me I think she might have based on this choice.

We made in to Sears at minutes to 9 pm to find a nice red dress which we both agreed on and I didn’t take a picture of. 😦 Only to learn that the only size Diva needed was on the mannequin.  There was a sales lady ready to take it off but we still needed to try it on and it was closing time.

So can you guess where I was last night?

This time around I stopped to have a little something from Cinnabon first.  Put me in a great mood. 🙂  We walked through some other stores on the way to Sears and ended up finding a dresses for both Diva and Princess. 🙂  Not a grad dress but one Diva could at least to my Uncle’s birthday party tonight.

Sears was a disappointment as the dress on the mannequin was at least a size too big.  My girl looked like she wanted to cry. She was so sure that the red dress was going to be “the dress”.

We ended up in The Bay and found a dress for Princess that should could wear tonight.  After that I was finished with shopping for dresses for the night.  Diva has a “feeling” that her grad dress is in Fairview Mall.  Heaven help me.

These are the dresses we bought last night.  Starting from the left, the first two are for Princess.  My girls are going to look like pink wonder twins tonight.



Comments on: "Still dress shopping" (4)

  1. I feel your pain… i’d rather have teeth pulled than shop with Morgan! lol! She is IMPOSSIBLE to please. Those dresses are cute, hope you’re able to find Diva’s dress soon! Or did you get the red one?

  2. Those dresses look great…any chance they can order in the right size for the red dress?

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