Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

All partied out

Last night’s party for my Uncle’s 60th was fantastic.  My Aunt really outdid herself.  The venue was nice.  The food was great.  The DJ was good.

Of course it was only when I pulled up into the driveway did I realize that I didn’t bring my camera. 😦  Oh well.

The night was slow to start.  Even though my Aunt said dinner would be served at 7:30 sharp, we didn’t actually start dinner until closer to 8:30 as people were constantly arriving.  Apparently 7 pm start time means something different to every one.

Dinner ran a little long as the room was not big enough to adequately allow for traffic flow around the food.  The line up was long.  I believe the birthday boy, if he ate at all, ate last as I was one of the last people to eat and he hadn’t eaten by then.

After dinner was time for dessert and dancing.  I must say the “oldens” put the “young’uns” to shame.  Most of my cousins were tired and the contemporaries of my uncle looked like they were just getting started!!

Clean up time brought its own fun as there was lots of leftovers.  So much so that we are having a BBQ at my Dad’s house this afternoon and nothing needs to be bought.  Between the many pork tenderloins my step-Mom still has and the various leftovers from last night, we are good to go.

I didn’t get home until after 2 am and my eyes decided to open at 7.  I am secretly and not so secretly crying.  I TIYAD*!!!

*Definition of tiyad = falling down tired, extremely tired … why didn’t I go to bed at a decent hour last night



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