Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

I think I should get this out while it still makes sense. πŸ˜‰

Let’s have a look back shall we?

May Goals

  1. Exercise Monday through Friday Well … I was going good until the last week and a half of the month
  2. Finish my vision board BAHAHAHAHAHAHA … ahhhhh … no
  3. Finish my scarf, I’m almost to the halfway point Nope, I did not touch it at all 😦
  4. Read 2 books Done, I read A Walk Across The Sun and So You Call Yourself A Man. πŸ™‚
  5. Use only cash and stick to the budget Nope but I screwed it up extra special this month
  6. 10 no spend days I only had 5 last month

Well my first thought is that it is better than I thought it would be considering I did not review my goals until way past mid-month.Β  Silly me.Β  And then between dress shopping and family visiting … well I forgot all about my goals. 😦

On the financial front, I didn’t do all that I was supposed to so my banking was off, but I sorted out now.

Budget Actual
housing 30% 30%
transportation 6% 4%
saving 24% 13%
debt 24% 24%
life 16% 29%
100% 100%

While I didn’t go over budget I can’t say for sure that it is all legit as I didn’t move over my savings at the time when I was supposed to. 😦  So I just put what was left over in.

June Goals

  1. Continue to exercise 5 times a week
  2. Come in under budget
  3. Finish my vision board
  4. Finish my scarf
  5. Read 2 books
  6. Remove my credit cards and debit cards from my wallet
  7. 10 no spend days
  8. Declutter 30 items

I think that’s enough.Β  Now to print this out and post it all over my place. πŸ˜‰


Comments on: "May Recap and June goals" (7)

  1. I just got a book from the library for my June read πŸ™‚ And my budget? I’m getting ready to start blogging about the mess I’m in. Numbers and all. πŸ™‚

    My entire June is a no spend month!!

  2. making a list of goals is just the first step, as I had to realize last month too :). This month I am making them AND hanging them up in a visible place ;). good luck with yours.

  3. I know, crazy isn’t it! soon enough I am going to have to achieve a goal a day in order to get it all done!! well, I shall try my best. πŸ™‚

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