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Better but not 100%

In the interest of being nice I will start this with a warning.  I will be discussing what is ailing me.  Not in graphic detail but in more detail that I would give a stranger on the street but since I consider you all friends … I apologize in advance. 😉

Alrighty where did we leave off?

I am not well.

That is because I am currently fighting … *cue dramatic music* … a bladder infection naturally.

That’s meant a lot of apple cider vinegar, baking soda, real cranberry juice and water.  Not tasty at all.

Now I recently started drinking apple cider vinegar in the mornings to help boost my immune system and all the other good stuff ACV does.  I figured it couldn’t hurt.  So I was sort of used to the taste but the other stuff.  Not so much.  Too much baking soda had some very adverse effects.  Nuff said.  Real unsweetened cranberry juice is expensive and tastes beyond awful.  It was so tart I had to just chug it down if I stopped I had a hard time convincing myself to continue.

I am very close to calling my doctor.  The only things that are holding me back are:

  1. I avoid taking antibiotics like the plague.
  2. I don’t like going to my doctor as it is usually at least an hour wait when he squeezes me in last-minute.

But I can’t afford to be sick right now.  There is just too much going on at work and I am the only one who knows what and how I do what I do.  So I am giving myself until tomorrow morning to be back to 100% 90%.

I know natural cures take longer to work than traditional medicine, but I’m afraid to let it go any longer than Monday.  Especially as I thought I had it beat on Tuesday only to have it come back again on Friday. 😦  As much as I like going home early, doing so with the chills was not as much fun as you would think.

I have done nothing productive with my day weekend.  I am going to take a short walk to the mall and pick up a Father’s Day card for my Dad who is coming to pick us up and take us out to dinner.  I am going to forgo getting him a gift this year unless something jumps out at me.  He really needs nothing and seems to be happiest when we are all together.

Okay, time to get off the couch.


Comments on: "Better but not 100%" (2)

  1. Ugh…so sorry to hear about this. I haven’t had a bladder infection in years, but I tell you what…I ran my butt to the doctor. Anything that hurts like mine did deserves the attention of 5 doctors, lol. I really hope your natural remedies work quickly and effectively. Don’t let it go on for too long. I’ve heard that can lead to other problems.

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