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Commuting, not for me

Where did the week go?

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I worked from our client’s office downtown.  I was training one of their employees so I was on her schedule.  Her very early to me schedule.  She works 8-4.  Not too bad except there is a much longer commute for me than I am use to.  Right now to go to work it is a 7 minute drive.  To get downtown it was 35 minutes, give or take depending on traffic.  The going wasn’t the problem.  The coming home was a nightmare.

Wednesday afternoon, I decided to stop at my old workplace which is also downtown.  So that delayed my start time to go home. I barely got on the highway and I was off again because I was not in the mood for the stop and go traffic.  The streets weren’t much better but a least they were moving.

Thursday, I decided to get a head start on my commute home and left at 3:45.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  It was worst.  Traffic was backed up all the way to the on ramp of the DVP from the Gardiner Expressway.  I eventually got off the highway as my gas light came on as the last thing I wanted to do was be stuck at the side of the road.  Every where I turned had congestion.  It was very frustrating.  For more than an hour my GPS said I was 10 minutes from home.

Friday I tried to get an even earlier jump on traffic and left at 3:15.  It was very similar to Wednesday’s drive home.  Traffic moved until you got to mid-town then it became a parking lot. 😦

I don’t know how people commute these long distances every day.  I was told to take the Go train as it is a much better journey.  If I had to go downtown every day I would definitely give up driving in to work.  Between the frustrating drive and the high cost of parking, I would be taking public transit all the way.

I believe I have only have one more day downtown, then back to my regularly scheduled program.


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