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Another grad night

Tonight was Diva’s big night.  She was so excited to finally attend her Grade 8 graduation.

It’s a lot bigger deal now than it was when I was leaving elementary school.  The ceremony is held in a banquet hall, one usually reserved for weddings.  The principal told me that for 25% of the students that enter high school, Grade 8 grad is the only graduation they will ever attend.  Scary statistics.

This year was a lot less traumatizing than last year.  I’m not sure if it was this year’s style or I was just better prepared.  The dresses were mostly age appropriate.  The shoes … those 13/14 year olds have some serious shoe game.

Black sandals Black shoes Black wedges Blue shoes 2 Blue shoes

Nice huh?  I still don’t think that they are appropriate for children but they are very pretty.

Before I forget, here’s the dress Diva wore.  She paired it with gold accessories; bangles, flats, necklace and big belt.  She looked very beautiful and like a big girl little lady.

dress (Source)



Comments on: "Another grad night" (6)

  1. That’s such a pretty dress, i’m sure she looked beautiful in it! 🙂

    I must be a prude, but I don’t like shoes like that at all… I think they’re very “sexualized” especially for 13-14 yr olds!! I’d never let Morgan walk out of the house them on and she’ll be 16 this year. lol! I wouldn’t even wear them myself.. lol!

  2. I read the last year’s post and I’m so with you on that. The Grade 6 “graduations” here are getting to be huge affairs…kids hiring limos together to drop them off! It’s just way OTT. I do think the shoes are nice but too “old” – I’d worry about my daughter spraining an ankle!

  3. That dress is beautiful! Those shoes are too much for me. If I had a daughter she couldn’t wear shoes like that until she could pay for them herself. AND keep them in a closet at her own place, LOL

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