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PGH 7/2/13

Oh my word has it been a very long time since I have talked about Project Get Healthy.  Too long really.

I have fallen off the exercise wagon. 😦  It’s been 4 maybe 5 weeks since my last workout.  Ahhh there I said it.  Confession is good for the soul.  I can feel a difference in my body.  My muscles are starting to weaken. 😦  I am going to get back on it slowly.

The last few weeks have been crazy at work so I am trying to figure out where to fit in a work out.  I get up an hour earlier on the days I go downtown and don’t get home until 5:30/6 and which time I am wiped out.  Fighting traffic for an hour and a half or longer makes for one tired me.

I miss the high after the workout.  The actual workout … not as much.  Tonight I am going to do a walk.  Leslie and I are going to get re-acquainted again.  Her workouts are nice and easy.

I am still counting calories.  It is getting old.  I am not as diligent about recording it in a timely manner as I once was.  This might be because I may or may not be bitter about being down to 1260 calories a day.  That small amount does not allow for many fun treats.

I know I can get more calories by exercising and plan to make that happen this week.

I bought a new belt this weekend as the last one is falling apart.  When I bought the old belt I started at the 2nd notch.  I am now on the last notch. 🙂  I still can’t fit into the belts that are currently in my closet but I am getting closer.

I am 7.4 pounds away from my goal weight.  It seems so close and yet so far.  I will have to increase my efforts and really focus to make it happen.  What do “they” say about those last 10 pounds?

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  1. You are doing so well! 7.4 pounds is not long to go. It is hard after work, though, isn’t it?

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