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Oh June … what an ugly month.  I did not stick to the plan at all. 😦

Time to face the music.

June Goals

  1. Continue to exercise 5 times a week – Nope, I don’t think I exercised once last month 😦 I really need to get my act together.  I am so close to achieving my goal that I need to really re-focus
  2. Come in under budget – Nope it was bad.  You will see below
  3. Finish my vision board – Nope I forgot about this again
  4. Finish my scarf – Nope, playing with wool in this heat is not appealing at all
  5. Read 2 books – Done, I read House Rules, What Alice Forgot and Before I go to Sleep
  6. Remove my credit cards and debit cards from my wallet – Nope, with working downtown I really don’t want to spend cash and wait for it to be reimbursed
  7. 10 no spend days – 6 no spend days, I guess working downtown and not carrying lunch and shopping for Diva’s grad did not help
  8. Declutter 30 items – I have almost 2 full garbage bags of stuff for Goodwill 🙂

2.5/8 😦  **hanging head in shame**

The money stuff.  It’s bad too.  Consider yourself warned.

Budget Actual
housing 34% 31%
transportation 7% 7%
saving 14% 13%
debt 28% 29%
life 17% 38%
100% 118%

I went way off track as I did not account for Diva’s grad purchases and I let myself get sidetracked when working downtown.  It was a slippery slope once I started spending. 😦

July Goals

  1. Exercise 5 times a week
  2. Come in under budget
  3. Finish my vision board
  4. Finish my scarf
  5. Read 2 books
  6. Figure out my travel plans for August and a budget for said travel
  7. 10 no spend days
  8. Declutter 30 items
  9. Go through my girls’ closets and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or they won’t wear, tally the rest and determine what, if any, items are needed
  10. Blog more consistently at least 4 times a week

Alright now to get my head in the game.


Comments on: "June Recap and July Goals" (3)

  1. I gave up on my goals. I still have some, but I’m consistently missing the mark. I suck. But I’m really good at procrastination. Good luck to you!!!

    • Don’t give up. I look at every first of the month as a new opportunity to try again. You do not suck. Procrastination is my middle name. I have had my vision board on my list of things to do for the entire year!! 😦 I will eventually get it done. Just sadly not in a timely manner.

  2. […] must confess I do not even want to look back.  July fell in line with June as an ugly […]

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