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Fairly productive

Since I was out and about most of yesterday, today was dedicated to chores.

I can’t remember what I thought I would do but I can tell you what I got done.

  1. Organized my recipe binder
  2. De-clogged  my bathroom drains
  3. Baked buns
  4. Made dinner
  5. 4 loads of laundry
  6. Cut layers into my hair and Princess’ hair
  7. Watched New Year’s Eve

My recipe binder is a collection of printed recipes that I keep in page keepers.  But lately I have just been throwing the pages in the binder without putting them away.  Today I got out some dividers and placed the recipes in to some semblance of organized.  Organizing my recipes made me see some recipes that I thought I would like but have never made and the amount of repeat offenders I have.  I have several recipes for pizza dough, bread, and banana bread.  I really do love flour. 🙂

I am getting caught up on my blog reading and came across this post on Declutterer about cutting your own hair.  Since I am in need of a trim I figured I’d try it out.  Having just shelled out $90 to take Diva to the hairdresser I was very willing to try doing it myself first.  It was very easy and so far I am very happy with the results.  Princess also needed a trim and decided to be brave and let me cut her hair.  I did not take off much but to hear my child I left her bald.  Unless you looked closely you can barely see the layers.  I have a little drama queen.

Princess and I started to watch Hanna but we were interrupted as my Mom needed a ride back from her mechanic.  So tomorrow we will resume the movie.



Comments on: "Fairly productive" (4)

  1. That is really brave that you both tried it! I hope Princess is happier with the result now!! (Thanks for the link, too!)

  2. I have cut my own hair before to save money….and I almost liked it better than a hairdresser! I got my layers just how I wanted and hey, they were probably a little uneven but I kinda liked it that way. Fun times!!

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