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Whirlwind Days

What a crazy last couple of days.

Monday night found me without power for 4 hours.  Diva declared it a national emergency.  The loss of wifi was just too much for both my kids to handle.  LOL  We passed some of the time by playing charades.  It was fun.  Almost makes me want to “lose” electricity/internet every so often so we are forced to spend time together.  Once it got dark Diva went to lay down and fell asleep.  Princess was up for a little while longer and bored to tears.  I lit candles when it got dark and thought about taking a shower until I realized we had no hot water.  Just as I was about to head to bed the power came back.  Diva had gotten up at this point and yelled her “hallelujahs” so loud that I thought she would wake up Princess.  Since we didn’t really have much supper, Diva made herself an omelet and then went to bed.

The images of flooded downtown Toronto were awful.  That coupled with the train derailment in QC made for a night of horrible news.

Last night was a night of high emotions as I couldn’t find my 16-year-old sister at 10 pm.  A little back story.  My sister has been looking for a summer job but she has a long list of places she will not work.  Don’t ask, it is much easier to just go with it than to understand why.  So she went to a job fair and this company that does driveway paving called her up.  The details are sketchy but from she told me about it I was very hesitate about it and voiced my opinions.  This is the condensed version of what she told me.  The job runs from 8 am – 9 pm.  If you want to quit before finishing the shift you owe the company $100.  They pick you up and drop you off.  From that little bit of detail I was left with an uneasy feeling.  So to ease my fears I told her if she was not comfortable during the day and wanted to come home I would pick her up and also to call me on her lunch hour.

Noon came and went without any contact from my sister.  I sent her a bbm and I called and no response.  It seemed like her phone was turned off, which is something that she does often to conserve the battery.  I let the day go by still checking to see if my bbm message was at least delivered.  Nope it was stuck in limbo.  At 9:30 I called my mother’s house to see if my sister was home only to learn that she was not and my mother had not heard from her all day.  I mildly started to panic but figure I’d give it a while longer.  At 10 pm I called back my mother.  Still no contact from my sister.  I asked my mother if she knows the name of this company that my sister went with.  Not really.

At this point panic is starting to not be so mild.

Too many episodes of Criminal Minds and real life examples of how cruel people can be to each other flashed through my head.  I was trying hard to remain calm and not ask my mother any disrespectful questions.  My mother went to research the name of the company while I texted and called my sister’s phone again.  My mother spoke of going to the place where my sister left her bike to see if it was still there and I silently cursed and not so silently prayed.  It was horrible to feel so helpless.  To realize I have no idea of where to start looking.  Debating when does one call the police.  I am not cut out for this.

At 10:45 my sister finally texted me to let me know she was on her way back … FROM COBOURG!!!  1 hour East of me.  100 kilometres away.  Never in a million years would I have thought to look for her in Cobourg.

It was close to midnight before my sister made it home.  And that’s with my mother picking her up from the company’s yard where she went to clean up after her long day.

Not impressed is an understatement.  To make matters worst once my mother figured out the name of the company a quick google search linked this company to many accusations of fraud.  Where they were accused of having their employees work long days for very little pay.

I am too old for all of this.

Comments on: "Whirlwind Days" (4)

  1. I hope she didn’ t go to work the next day and quit!

  2. Eek!! That sounds horrible and i’d have had a heart attack too! Glad she was safe & sound at least! 🙂

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