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Patiently waiting

Yesterday was a write off.  I came home beyond beat but because I promised my sister I would take her to the mall to hand out her resume I just couldn’t “let my hair down”.

We didn’t make it to the mall.  Instead I took her to various businesses near her house.  Since her ultimate goal is to get a job close to home I figured we start close and work our way out.  Just dropping off your resume is a timely process.  We spent almost 2 hours and I think we only went to 9 places as some of the businesses require you to fill out an application.

I sat in the car while she went in.

After taking her around I met a friend for dinner.  Before dinner I signed myself up for how to use your new camera class at the local camera store.  I took a similar class to learn how to better use my digital camera as I used to leave it on auto and had no idea what the other settings were for.

By the time I got home I was seeing stars.  My allergy eyes were in full effect.  I could do nothing more than fall into bed.

The box was left unopened.

Today was the first day this week that I woke up feeling rested. 🙂 It’s Friday AND we got off work early which just sweetened the deal.

I finally opened the box my camera kit came in and put the battery to charge.

Little orange light

Now I am just patiently waiting for a little green light so I can start to play with my new toy.

Comments on: "Patiently waiting" (2)

  1. It shouldn’t take long at all to charge!! I’ve had the same battery since I bought my D90 and the battery charges nice & fast!! Exciting isn’t it!!?? 🙂

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