Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

A busy weekend to come

Sometimes it seems like when it rains it pours.  Most week-ends I have just my regular chores, and I am home thinking I should do something exciting.  Then out of no where I have weekend that’s jam-packed.  Doesn’t anyone know I was free at other times? LOL

Tomorrow around mid-day I am going to see a girlfriend who just adopted the most perfect child to fit into her family.  It really did seem like this little girl was meant to be with my girlfriend.  I’m so happy for her and excited to meet her newest addition.  (I will be taking my new camera and hopefully I can get some good pictures.)

Tomorrow night is a dinner/dance boat cruise that I let myself be talked into going.  I think it should be fun.  I have not been out to party in far too long.  I am becoming a little old lady.  Soon all I will need are the 7 cats. 😉

Sunday I am going to visit my cousin in Kingston.  We are going to have a picnic at a beach.  It should be a great time.  **Note to self: Pick up a lens filter if you want to take the new camera.  I think sand and new camera may not go well together. lol

Since I have all these plans, I really need to kick it up a notch tonight and do some chores so I am not crying next week.


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