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It’s here!!!

McDonald's sign

Don’t judge me.

I am not sure I have ever said on here that I have been waiting many many years to try McDonald’s McLobster.  If for no other reason than to say I had one.  Up until this year they were only available in the summer in the Maritimes.  I have been planning a trip to Halifax for years in order to taste this exclusive sandwich.  I even called McDonald’s Canada last year to learn exactly when the McLobster would be available so I could try to plan my trip around those dates.

Again, don’t judge me.

Anyhoo yesterday my cousin in Kingston sent me a text message to tell me that the McLobster was in the same McDonald’s we were just in on Sunday.  So there was little old me plotting when next I could make a return trip.  Then my old co-worker sent me a text today to tell me she was eating one … right here in Toronto!!

I’m on my way!!!

I checked out the closest stand alone McDonald’s and the above sign is what I saw.



To be honest it was just meh.  But I can cross this off my list of things to try.

Now to find a new reason to go to Halifax! 😉


Comments on: "It’s here!!!" (4)

  1. I have never heard of nor seen this. I wonder if they have them in the far north east and north west of the US.

    Wad it real or imitation lobster? Im glad you could cross it off the list, lol.

  2. Bajan Budgeteer said:

    Lol. This is similar to when Burger King finally launched on my island this year. I was just dying to try their fries cause I remembered having them on a trip to Europe once and they were the best fries ever.

    When they finally got here, the first set I had was meh but they’ve improved since then and almost back to what I remember having.

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