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On the road again

A girlfriend of mine mentioned that she wanted to do a day trip to Buffalo to do a little stocking up.  Since I love to travel across the border I volunteered to go with her.  Little did I know that means I will be driving not riding shotgun. 😦  Now I do have the option of driving her car but I think I would prefer to drive my own.

I don’t know about you, but this summer has been brutal allergy-wise.  Today I had a major allergy attack and my eyes felt like they were on fire.  My contacts were not happy.  Having said that I think I will suggest we drive her car since mine is standard and she can’t drive it.  That way if my eyes are really bothering me, she will be the back up.  I also plan to walk with my glasses as another back up.  But I am not a fan of driving in my glasses.

I have expired allergy pills and will be taking one tomorrow morning until I get to the store to pick up new ones.

I don’t have a long list of things to buy for once.  I haven’t yet gone through my kids’ closets so I will refrain from buying anything for them other than a couple of pairs of shorts, ear phones for their ipods and cheap jeans if I see any.  A friend of mine bought her daughter $8 jeans at Macy’s.  If I see such a deal I will be picking up a couple of pairs for each child.  Plus we will be traveling to Maryland next month so any shopping that needs to be done will be done them.  By that time I should have a good grasp of what they really need.

For the most part this will just be a day out with my girls.  They will get to go to their favourite place, the mall.  I will try my best to walk with my pleasant face and I only have so much patience for shopping now-a-days.


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