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Car repairs needed

At my last oil change the mechanic brought to my attention the noise my muffler was making.  Like I didn’t know.  LOL

According to this mechanic the piece between my catalytic converter and the engine was broken.  On my car it all comes as one part.  So I would have to replace my functioning expensive catalytic converter in order to stop the noise. 😦

He looked up the part.  It was $850 plus approximately 2 hours of labour.  Add in taxes and I am looking at $1200.  *cue silent cry*  I asked them if they would be willing to put in the part if I bought it somewhere else and they agreed.

I also inquired about what would happen if I learned to live with the noise.  He said as long as I was not idling long with the windows closed I should be ok. O_o

I called my dealer who told me the part is $810 plus 2 hours of labour.  So I am still in the same price range. 😦

As luck would have it, I was going to my Mom’s when I saw one of her neighbours.  He is a car fanatic.  So I asked him about car parts and he gave me the numbers for 2 different places.

Only one of them had the part.  That place quoted me $285 and then asked if I had a 4 pin or 6 pin model.  LAWD how am I supposed to know that!?!

So I asked one of my friends to look under the hood.  That was an endeavor in its own right.  But if I recall correctly I have a 6 pin model.

Still feeling unsure of what to order I asked my girl for the name of her long time family mechanic.  I took my car there this afternoon.

On the way there my dashboard looked like this.

Warning light

That yellow light caused my heart to flutter.  I have never ever seen it before.  I actually had to look it up in the manual.  When I turn the car off and on the light disappeared.  My girlfriend told me that I should tell the mechanic about it. It is the warning light for my front brakes. Yikes.

On the way to the mechanic the light came back on.  While I was planning to tell him, the light coming back just made it more pressing.

The mechanic made me laugh.  He looks at me quite seriously and with a matter of fact tone told me that light means I need brakes.  He took the car in and brought me into the garage to show me the issues.  I do need brakes and a part on the exhaust system that needs to be replaced.  He said it’s a 3-4 hour job.  He told me to give him a minute to get me some quotes.

He came out and I must confess there was a moment of fear.  I was thinking we would be in the ballpark of $1500 considering just the muffler was $1200.  He sits down beside me and on the paper I see 2 numbers that roughly add up to $1500.  He says you could put in the brakes and fix the noise for $700 with cheap parts or get better quality parts for $850.


I tried to find my poker face.  I really did.  My first mechanic told me to never cheap out on brakes or tires.  While I already knew I was going for quality, I asked him what would he do.  He asked how long was I planning to keep the car.  I replied my car has 128,000 kms on it.   He told me the car could probably go another 10 years.

So tomorrow Betty Jean is getting some love and new quality parts.

Good thing too as I am getting ready for my yearly drive to Maryland.

Based on the price if the work is good, someone’s got them self a new customer. 😉


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  1. I start feeling queasy at the thought of car repairs. You did SO well to cross-check prices, shop around for the new part at a great price and getting help from the friend. But that’s still such a lot of money. Plus side…the car sounds like it has a lot of life left in it!

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