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I think I need a corner

So I drag my tail to the mechanic this morning.  I packed a litre of water, a book (The Imposter Bride) I hadn’t started and a magazine with me.  I ate before I left the house so I figured I should be good for 3 hours of waiting.

2 hours in I see they have put the wheels back on my car and it’s coming down from the hoist.

Then I hear the owner asking about the exhaust.

Back up goes the hoist.

A little while later, the owner comes to tell me there is bad news for me and bad news for him.  It seems like he gave me a quote based on a gasket and the flex pipe is also broken … which is attached to the catalytic converter … On my this is sounding familiar.  I was hoping the oil change people were wrong.  If he doesn’t change the flex pipe it will not fix the noise.  Only “lucky” break for me is that the markup on parts at this mechanic is much less and since he didn’t catch it, he is only charging me for the part and not the 3 additional hours of labour.

At this point I figured might as well.  I was tired and hungry and was not in the mood to find somewhere else to fix my car.  So I went for a walk, second one in 2 days. 🙂

I managed to be gone for 2 hours.  In that time I did some banking, found some place to eat and wandered around Canadian Tire.  On my walk back I passed a Dodge Dart sitting all shiny and new right beside the sidewalk.  It had a manual transmission.  It whispered to me.  Unfortunately the purchase price on its side was more than 10 times the price of my repairs.  So I kept walking.

When I got back to the mechanic, they were still working on my car.  The estimate was another half an hour.

I am now half way through my book.

There might have been a few tears when it was time to pay the bill.  But when I got into my car and turned the key and it was silent all I could do was smile.  Billie Jean is back!  She drives like when I first got her. 🙂

Now I think I need a corner … to panhandle on.


Comments on: "I think I need a corner" (2)

  1. Bajan Budgeteer said:

    I know exactly how you was feeling before the repairs. My muffler also makes a noise but I have yet to fix it. I can’t wait till it is fix though.

    As expensive as it was, it is still great that you had the money to be able to fix it.

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