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I must confess I do not even want to look back.  July fell in line with June as an ugly month.

No need to delay the inevitable.

July Goals

  1. Exercise 5 times a week – Not even close.  I worked out twice last month. 😦  Allergy eyes and laziness ran the show last month.
  2. Come in under budget – I was on a budget!?!  LOL  Even if we take out my new camera I was still over budget.
  3. Finish my vision board – Nope
  4. Finish my scarf – Nope
  5. Read 2 books – Nope, I started And the Mountains Echoed and The Power of One, but both were due back at the library before I could finish them
  6. Figure out my travel plans for August and a budget for said travel – Done.  Going on my annual trip to Maryland.  If some of my friends get their acts together I might also attend a preseason NFL game.
  7. 10 no spend days – I had 7
  8. Declutter 30 items – I didn’t, but my girls did manage to get another garbage bag full of stuff out the door
  9. Go through my girls’ closets and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or they won’t wear, tally the rest and determine what, if any, items are needed – Not yet.  This will be done this month
  10. Blog more consistently at least 4 times a week – 21 posts this month 🙂

3.5/10 😦

I wish I had a very good excuse or two as to why my progress this month was crappy.  I was unfocused and it shows. 😦

On the money side …

Budget Actual
housing 35% 31%
transportation 7% 2%
saving 16% 13%
debt 25% 25%
life 18% 62%
100% 134%

It doesn’t look as bad if I don’t include my camera.  LOL  Without my camera I am only 8% over.  Still not good but much better than 34% over. 😉

Alright on to August.  Since I will be away from home for 15+ days I am going to go really easy on the goals

August Goals

  1. Paint and re-decorate Diva’s room.
  2. Declutter 30 items
  3. Stay on budget
  4. Clean out my girls’ closets
  5. 5 no spend days
  6. Read 2 books

I should have a much much better recap next month.

Comments on: "July recap and August goals" (7)

  1. Oy! You have set far too many goals! Be like me and record your fun for the month, LOL!

  2. Books & budget. Ahhhh…on my list too. I used to blog my goals, but sucked at doing them. 🙂 I have a journal and I write them down, and then I read back thru and realize that I still suck at goals. I still think about them.

    Good luck and stick to it!!

  3. Books and exercise…also somewhere on my list (in my head, lol!) I agree writing it down has to have an effect and is worth it. Next month will be “the” month!

  4. […] I was so close to an overall pass.  Still better than last month!! […]

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