Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Sleep is over-rated

Oh my word, I am in need of rest.  I have gone to bed far too late the past two nights.

Saturday was my mother’s birthday.  Her request was to go to the all you can eat sushi restaurant that I usually go to.  Since it was the weekend and that increases the cost we went for lunch instead of dinner.  I also included my Aunt (my Mom’s sister) in the celebration.  Again I am not sure why I bring my kids to all you can eat sushi as there was minimal eating being done by both of them.  My sister who is usually very picky surprised me by trying just about everything thing that came out.

When it was dessert time, my Mom turned into one of the kids, ordering 2 ice creams and 1 jello.  She looked so happy.  I think she had a good lunch.

I came home to take apart the top bunk bed in Diva’s room.  The hardest part was taking the bed off of the other one. *blush*  Then like a crazy person I attempted to put the bed (while in pieces) in my little car.  It fit but the trunk would not close.  I don’t even want to tell you what I used to tie it down.  I drove to my mother’s very slowly.  Since I had to straighten the back of the driver’s chair, my chest was about 4 inches away from the steering wheel.  It was NOT comfortable.  But I got it done.  At one point I turned a corner a little too fast and a piece of the bed slide from one side of my car to the other.  Not nice at all.

My sister seems happy with her “new” bed.

A few friends came up from the States to attended Caribana the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival.  So I hung out with them in the evening.  It was a great time and I did not get home until 3 am.

I got up at 7 am Sunday morning to drive Diva to my mother’s house as my sister decided (on Friday) to have a garage sale.  My sister put up the signs advertising the sale late Saturday … I did not have high hopes for this sale.  Especially considering the only things my sister was trying to sell was the stuff she was going to take to Goodwill.

For the 6+ hours that the garage sale ran for, they sold $7 worth of merchandise.  My sister seems okay with it and Diva treats it like it was a one time experience no need to do it again.

There are rumours that my sister may be having another garage sale.  Putting into practice all that she learned from this one and what all the adults in her life have told her.  Diva will not be here to help with the fun.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to a family get together at one of my cousins.  When my Aunt and I got out of the car, Diva “laid down the law”.  She told us, that “we are leaving at 10 pm.  So start your goodbyes at 9 as I know it takes you a long time.  I am tired and I want to go home early.”  Why did I not see her until after 11?  So much for going home early.  We did not leave until after 1am.

While I slept in this morning I am still feeling tired.  Today’s plan will be to take apart the last piece of Diva’s bunk bed and take it to my mother’s.  Then Diva needs to get everything else out of her room so we can prep and hopefully paint tomorrow.

Tomorrow while the prepping and painting is going on I will be in Ikea buying this.

new bed (Source)

This is the new bed that Diva chose.

If all goes well we should be done this project by Thursday.  Right now my living room and dining room are in a state of confusion as all of Diva’s stuff is in there.  While I have been stressing that not everything that came out of the room is going back in, she doesn’t seem to be thinking about decluttering.  Poor girl will be in for such a surprise.  Right now  her room looks so much better without all the stuff.  I intend to keep it that way.

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