Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

The list is long

And I am procrastinating …. 😦

The day before you go on vacation always seems to be busier that normal.  There are so many last-minute and not so last-minute things to get done.

Today’s list includes the following:

  1. Put US roaming package on my cell phone
  2. Take Princess to the hairdresser
  3. Wash Princess’ hair before taking her to the hairdresser
  4. Get my eyebrows done
  5. Get my feet done
  6. Pick up various food items for my cousin & aunt
  7. Take out the garbage and recycling
  8. Remember to close all the windows in the apartment
  9. Pack
  10. Banking
  11. Return library books
  12. Give all perishables to my mother

I’m feel like there is more to do but I can’t think of anything else.

Alright, I need to get up and get moving before too much more of the day gets away from me.



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