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Friday’s day of travel

When we last spoke I was about to leave to head North.

Friday was a travel day that I would like to forget.

Firstly I had delusions of leaving around noon.  Apparently a full day at a theme park 2+ hours away the day before leaving for home might not have been my best idea yet.  LOL  My girls were worn out and sleep in.

Since we were “only” going 5 hours up the road I was not too concerned about leaving early.

I should have been concerned.

I had to stop by my Aunt’s to pick up some photos for my Aunt in Toronto.  Since I was going to be in the neighbourhood, I thought I’d pass by the cupcake shop.  The last cupcake I bought from there I forgot at my Aunt’s house.  I was at peace with it until my cousin told me they are really good cupcakes. 😦  So you know I had to get one.

I packed up the car and figured that once I closed the trunk I would not be opening it again until I either got to the border or home.  We put 3 days worth of clothes and our bathing suits in a duffel bag.  I made a conscious decision to leave my big camera and laptop in the car.

I didn’t end up leaving my cousin’s house until after 1:30.  i was halfway to her house when I realized that I forgot something in her garage.  So I turned around.  As we pulled up to my cousin’s, Diva started to tell me that she was feeling sick.  Well I went to knock on the door and she went to the bottom of the driveway to throw up in what we later found out was the neighbour’s trash bin.  My poor kid.  Much much later I learned that she was up sick at 4 am.

We started back on our journey after 2:30.

Going to my Aunt’s was uneventful.

I got turned around while going to the cupcake place and actually went into the drive way of the plaza and exited before realizing I was in the right place all along.  You would think that this would have said leave the cupcakes and get on the road but not to me.

After the cupcake place I got on the highway going the wrong way.  There was a major traffic jam.  By the time I got off at the next exit there was serious traffic in the right direction. 😦

I got off the highway and decided to go a different way.  By this time it was after 4 on a Friday … Traffic was a mess everywhere. 😦

We got to Rochester at 11 pm.

Not my finest travel day at all.


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