Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Where to begin?

This weekend was just too crazy.

On Saturday night there was a party for one of my many cousin’s, who is turning 80.  I didn’t think I was invited as everyone else got a mailed invitation.  I was not offended by this in the least as I am not close to this particular cousin.  I was encouraged by other cousins to just email the organizer and get myself on the list.  This did not sit well with me.  It was a catered sit down dinner which meant you needed to know numbers long before the event.

Several family members came in from out-of-town/country.  One of my Aunts opted to stay with my mother.  A little back story, it seems like my mother is trying to get on the show “Hoarders”.  My Aunt V & I tried to warn the incoming Aunt T that it was bad but she did not believe us.  Well she showed up Friday night and immediately decided she needed to visit me to give me the gifts she brought.

I am not thinking that I had to entertain so this put me in mini clean up mode.

Luckily at the time I was baking rolls so she came for tea and buns.

My cousin who lives in Kingston was in T.O. for a different reason and once she heard that Aunt T was in town she asked if I could arrange a visit at my house and include Aunt V and a cousin from out-of-town.

So the plan was made and I was left to figure out a menu for brunch for 10.

Did I mention my place was not exactly ready for company?

So Saturday morning, I got up with my girls and we hid, tidied and vacuumed to get the place ready.  I ran out to the store for a few ingredients.

With an approximate start time of 11/12 I was feeling a bit rushed.  Then I remembered that it was not a big deal and relaxed myself.

It was a great get together.  Everyone had a great time and I was happy to facilitate.  Now the word is getting out that I can make a mean spread.  I expect family will be expecting me to cook/bake more often.

I took Aunt V and the out of cousin home in the mid-afternoon and came home to relax a minute before getting ready to go to dinner with my BFF.  Saturday was her birthday and she was planning a dinner out to celebrate.

Dinner was good and uneventful.

Since Aunt T wasn’t very comfortable at my mother’s, I invited her over for breakfast on Sunday.  Aunt T came over with an invitation to the house of the cousin who turned 80.  This get-together started any time after 3.  So we went to Canadian Tire so she could get a cordless kettle and I could return a TV tray for the second time.

We picked up Aunt V and arrived at my cousin’s house at 3:30 and we were the first ones there. LOL  Aunt T was worried about being late.  LOL

We didn’t leave to go home until after 9.

It was a great time but I am all socialized out.

This weekend has inspired me to get my house together so it’s not that frantic to get my place ready for company.

Today will be a rest and relax day with some prep for the first day of school tomorrow.


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