Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

A quick look back.  Since I was on vacation for 12 days I didn’t focus on remember my goals.

August Goals

  1. Paint and re-decorate Diva’s roomDone.
  2. Declutter 30 items – Done, I have another full garbage bag of “stuff” to go.
  3. Stay on budget – I would love for this one to be a yes, but that isn’t the case this month.
  4. Clean out my girls’ closets – Only did Diva’s.  Princess claims to have looked at her closet but I am not so sure.
  5. 5 no spend days – Only managed 4.
  6. Read 2 books – Nope.  I took 2 books away with me and never even took them out of the suitcase. 😦

3/6 I was so close to an overall pass.  Still better than last month!! LOL

On the money front, I can’t even say what is really going on.  My vacation really just threw stuff for a loop.  I am going to say I was over but I can’t say by how much as I haven’t got a clue. 😦  I am so ready for a new month.

On to the next one!

September Goals

  1. Go back to meal planning
  2. Exercise 20 times this month
  3. Do another cleanse
  4. Read 2 books
  5. Track my calories daily
  6. 10 no spend days
  7. Declutter 30 items

On top of those goals, I am adding the following for the September’s No/Low Spending Challenge.

  1. Use only cash, time to pull out my beautiful hexie budget wallet
  2. Stick to $670 for the month or $22.33/day

I think that’s enough for this month.


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