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No low spend challenge


I think the universe is conspiring against me.  It’s like it knows that I have minimal willpower where certain things are concerned.

I have a friend who frequently takes me out to eat.  Today we met for breakfast and I picked up the cheque.  Usually we go out for dinner which we all know is significantly more expensive.  It was “only” $25 but on a no/low spending challenge I should have kept my hands in my pocket and out of my wallet.  But I don’t want to take advantage of the kindness of friends.    I also don’t want to be nominated for an episode of Princess if I can help it!! LOL

Maybe it was because I was away last month but I am on the receiving end of 2 invitations for lunch this week.  The last time I went to lunch with these friends they paid … I don’t want to turn down the invite especially when it’s my turn to treat.  Oh what to do!?!

Can we say first world problems??? LOL

On top of that, I am still having problems with my right calf.  It is very tight and I am no good at rolling it as that hurts.  I am a bit of a softy sometimes.  According to my chiropractor I should get a massage, it would do me a world of good.  But at $90 for 1 hour I don’t think so.  A group buy deal for a massage at a third of the price appeared in my inbox.  Then that deal site was having a 10% off sale … There is a limit of 2.  The price for 2 hour-long massages with discount is $52.20 …

Oh temptation why must you call my name so loudly.

Confession time.

I was mindlessly wandering through Winners and found a purse I really liked.  Like really, really liked.  So I put it on my shoulder and continued perusing the store.  I found a non-stick wok that matches the 2 pots I bought while in the States.  Gourmet popcorn also made it into my hands.  I went to the cashier and bought them all.  *hiding head in shame*

Red purse


Isn’t it pretty?

On the bright responsible side I came home and had buyer’s remorse so I returned the purse and the popcorn the next day.

We are only 6 days in. ARGHHHH!!!

I may have to turn off my phone, avoid my email and lock myself in my room for the rest of the month.


Comments on: "Sept No/Low Spend Challenge update #1" (6)

  1. OH honey… ((Hugs)) If it helps, I have the same purse in black, and would have totally bailed on my challenge if I saw that too! hahaha!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. It is SO difficult when you are trying to keep to a budget yet you have the money (or the credit card) to spend more than the budget.
    It takes a lot of perseverance and will power.
    Good luck!

  3. You shouldn’t have returned the purse! It’s beautiful, I would’ve bought it too! I like to kid myself that those things are ‘investments’ that make me more ‘organised.’!

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