Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Feeling good

Wanna know why?

Lasagna roll ups 2 lasagna rolls ups

Simplest reason ever.

Tonight I made spinach lasagna rolls ups using this recipe.    I have made this recipe before following the recipe exactly.

Today I decided to use fresh baby spinach in an attempt to avoid food waste and it worked fantastically.

I am feeling pretty proud that I decided to make this switch as spinach has a way of ending up in the garbage in my house. 😦

Yeah it doesn’t take much. 🙂


Comments on: "Feeling good" (4)

  1. Ahhhh…seeing that picture in my feed reader has made me hungry! How good do they look?! Yes on the spinach – we buy it when we’re trying to be all good and healthy…then it has a tendency to go slimy in the fridge! Good way to use it up and transform it into something yummy 😀

  2. These look yummy and easy to make. I went to the recipe link and I love the site! I found a rice bowl recipe that I’m going to add to the menu for next week..yay!

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