Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

OTMTW – 9/15/13

Today marks the first day of my Wild Rose Cleanse.  I am using it to get my eating back on track.  Lately I have been craving sugar and that’s not like me.  So for the next 12 days I will be avoiding sugar, dairy and flour among other things.

Diva claims she would like to do the diet restrictions part with me.  This should be very interesting as she is a big milk and sugar lover.

I need to do some grocery shopping as I have minimal produce and very little milk.  This presents a small challenge this week as they are changing the electrical system in my building which guarantees me at least one eight-hour period without power, maybe two. 😦  I don’t want to stock the fridge too much as a lot of perishables should be thrown out after a 4 hour power outage.  According to a sign in the building, the power will be out to the a/c and heating units tomorrow and to ALL units on Wednesday AND Thursday from 9 – 5. 😦

Sunday – leftovers
Monday – split pea soup for Princess & I, pasta and sauce for Diva
Tuesday – split pea soup, pasta and cheese for the kids
Wednesday – split pea soup, frozen pizza for kids
Thursday – split pea soup, salad and grilled chicken
Friday – homemade pizza
Saturday – salmon and rice

Hopefully I can stick to this menu this week.  Trying to make sure that there are no leftovers on Tuesday will be a challenge.




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