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No low spend challenge

Time to tell the truth.

I have not been doing so well on this, hence the lack of posts on this topic.  Apparently not having a fridge hinders my ability to plan.  I usually let any frozen meat defrost in my fridge.  Since I did not have a fridge for long periods of time I did not want to take out any meat.

Tuesday I took my sister to get her eyebrows done.  On the way back I realized on my cleanse I could eat sushi if I left off the yummy extras.  Since I was starving it was not a hard sell for me to go to the local Asian supermarket and pick up some salmon maki.  I thought I could just sit in the car and inhale them, then my kids would be none the wiser.  But I couldn’t, so I picked up avocado and cucumber rolls and plain cucumber rolls for my kids.  It was a total of $10 but still.

Wednesday … I needed change for Princess to pay for her TTC card.  By the time I was thinking about it, it was after 9.  Back to the Asian store I went.  It was a difficult decision … LOL  This time since it was so late the sushi was marked down.   $4 poorer, I walked out with more salmon maki and cucumber rolls.  I would have bought the avocado rolls as well but they were not looking so pretty.

**Note to self, buy sushi after 9**

On the plus side, I made macaroni pie to use up the cheese that I had left and I did so without milk and the children said it tasted good.  I really need to get more creative in the kitchen with substituting items.

I used to work with a woman who would say I made blah blah blah but we didn’t have any x so I used y.  I think I need to follow in her footsteps.

Yesterday I made beef fajitas with a piece of steak I bought on sale as I had green peppers in my fridge.  Everything in the recipe I could eat except the tortillas so I just ate the filling.  They were a hit so I am making chicken fajitas tonight as I have another green pepper. 😉

I’ve bought little bits and pieces at the grocery store but neglected to do a big shop until the power is back for good.

Poor Diva has been suffering from milk withdrawal.

Right now I have gone over my reduced budget amount but still might be able to make my regular budget IF I watch my pennies.  With 10 days to go … I am not sure what will happen.

Being on this cleanse and having power outages is not working in my favour.  I hope to pull it all back together this weekend as I can cook and have leftovers.  I will be shopping my freezer in an attempt to come in on budget this month.


Comments on: "Sept No/Low Spend Challenge update #2" (2)

  1. My husband is like that with the “substitute this, to make that” thing. I can’t do it. I need to follow a recipe exactly! I’m sure it is a real money-saving ability that is worth developing.

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