Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

OTMTW – 9/22/13

I think this is as close to posting on a Sunday I have ever gotten.  Yeah me!!!

I am still on my cleanse which I am silently cursing as I missed out on what looked like delicious Hakka Chinese food at my BFF’s today. 😦

Since I knew I was going to go for an extended visit I got up this morning and cooked myself some lunch to take.  My mother, the queen of one pot dishes, used to make “cookup” every Sunday when I was a child.


It consists of meat, veggie(s) and rice all “cooked up” in a pressure cooker.  She claims to have made several variations of this meal but I only remember one.  The one I made today.  Actually it is the only one I make.  It is beef with spinach and rice.  I usually use fresh spinach but since I didn’t have any I decided to try using frozen.  All came out the same to me.  Seasoning the meat last night was interesting as I am the queen of using ketchup and worcestershire sauce and both of those are off-limits.

Sunday – beef cookup
Monday – fried chick peas and rice
Tuesday – leftovers
Wednesday – chili
Thursday – leftovers
Friday – fish and quinoa (last day of cleanse!!)
Saturday – pizza (not sure that is my wisest decision to date)


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