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Mistakes in cooking

So I have this meal planning thing that I do and then I ignore one day and bump up the next day’s meal instead of making the missed meal.

I didn’t make chick peas and rice yesterday.  So today instead of eating leftovers, we are having chili.

Well instead of making the recipe as is I decided to half it.  I am not sure what my logic for this is but it’s what I decided to do.  This is important as I am going somewhere with this.

Last night I was on my game, I took out the beef to defrost.

Today I started cooking.  I halved the spices and the onion.  I kept the whole red pepper.  I was doing well until I got to the end of the recipe.  I threw in more kidney beans that the recipe called for.  And I kept the whole tin of diced tomatoes.  I should have stopped there, but the tomato puree was still on the ingredient list.  I don’t have tomato puree.  Instead of stopping I made my own out of a can of diced tomatoes.  It was only as I was pouring the puree in the pot did it occur to me I didn’t need it as I had already used a whole can of tomatoes. 😦


The chili now smells like tomato soup. 😦

I added back in the spices I halved and am hoping for the best.

The recipe calls for the chili to simmer covered, I am going to leave it uncovered in the hopes that some of the excess liquid with boil down.



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