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On the side

I thought cheesy bread sticks would be a great addition to my chili soup. LOL

OK, all playing aside the chili was pretty good.

My original plan was to make the bread sticks to go with the chili but I had some issues getting myself together so they were more like for dessert.  General option is that there is not enough cheese on it.  Next time I will put cheese in the dough.


Cheesy dough


Turned in to this:

Cheesy bread sticks


As you can see Diva got to this before I could take a picture.

Since I am on a no flour, no dairy cleanse I will have to make these again to see how they tasted as I doubt they will last until Saturday.  There are currently 6 left.


Comments on: "On the side" (5)

  1. Bajan Budgeteer said:

    Those look so tasty. I wish I could have gotten a couple… few… some… If next time you do put the cheese in the dough. Still sprinkle some on top. I like the look.

  2. […] the road to better health.  I am surprised that I don’t miss coffee or tea.  I did want a bread stick.  The cheese called me.  I miss […]

  3. They look incredibly delicious! 🙂

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