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PGH – 9/26/13

I am finally back at the weight my fitness pal thinks I am. 😉

Being on this cleanse has really forced me to eat well, which was my secret hope.  It was hard in the beginning as I was trying to cook without leftovers because of the scheduled power outages.  I need to figure out how to make the changes last.  I am debating if to reintroduce all the foods I removed from my diet.  I think maybe to start back one by one to see if there are any adverse effects.

I’ve been on an exercise kick recently.  And by recently I mean the past 2 days. LOL

Right now I feel light and lean.  Not sure if this is because of the diet or the exercise or the combination.  I feel like I am on the road to better health.  I am surprised that I don’t miss coffee or tea.  I did want a bread stick.  The cheese called me.  I miss yogurt.

Yesterday, Princess and I started our plank/wall sit competition.  I, being the supportive mother, told her I would win the challenge and so far I am.  I did a 1 minute plank and a 1.5 minute wall sit.  And it hurt.  Both of them.  But I won!! LOL  That’s really all that mattered.  She couldn’t believe I beat her.  Not bad for her “old mother” who according to her was around when the wheel was invented. LOL

On Sunday I will take my measurements.  I haven’t done that in a very long time.


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  1. Lol – I’ve been on a 2-day exercise kick this week, but I’m still proud of that. I had to get up at 5:30am to fit in exercise before DH leaves for work. The cleanse sounds great – it must be working if you are giving things up (like coffee) and not missing them. Good luck for the measurements check-in!

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