Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Last month …

September Goals

  1. Go back to meal planning – Done, but I didn’t always follow the plan
  2. Exercise 20 times this month – While I worked out 10 days this month, I did a am/pm program so I worked out twice a day so I am counting this as a win!
  3. Do another cleanseDone
  4. Read 2 books – Nope, not even one 😦
  5. Track my calories daily – Done
  6. 10 no spend days – Done, 12 days booyah!!!
  7. Declutter 30 items – Nope, I forgot I was doing this

No/Low Spending Challenge Goals

  1. Use only cash, time to pull out my beautiful hexie budget wallet – Not all the time.  I was 70% good
  2. Stick to $670 for the month or $22.33/day – Nope, I was over budget by a lot 😦

5/9.  To think I was feeling that this month was going to be a good month … Bahahahahahahaha, I was wrong.  Good thing there is a whole new month starting so I can try again. 😉

October Goals

  1. Exercise 15 times
  2. Read 2 books
  3. 15 no spend days
  4. Stick to $650 for the month
  5. Shop my freezer
  6. Continue to meal plan
  7. Declutter 60 items (gotta make up for last month)

There are some repeaters as I find that when they are not on the list they don’t get done.


Comments on: "September recap & October goals" (7)

  1. I’m curious to know which 2 books you’re planning to read. Did you have something already in mind or you have to pick 2 books out to read?

    • It’s usually whatever I have on hold at the library that becomes available. Right now I have The Power of One, Indiscretion, I wish I had a red dress and Schindler’s List. Gonna have to cut down my TV watching and get reading.

      • I’ve been watching too much on Netflix this year. Not much reading done as a result. I don’t want to stop watching tv, but I’ll need to reduce the time. Good luck~

  2. I need to go back to meal planning as well. I have been so bad with that lately!

  3. I think you’ve done fantastically well. You’ve set tough goals – any one of them would be a great achievement. 20 workouts in a month is awesome!

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