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Grey days

Grey days make me want to curl up and either sleep or read.  I have done neither so far.

Yesterday was Diva’s 14th birthday.  My little baby is not so little any more.  We had lunch at Wasabi and then her BFF came to sleep over.  She was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t tell her that her friend was coming over.

Once the friend and my mother and sister were here, I took Princess on the road to pick up some cupcakes from the grocery store and pizza from Little Caesar’s.

Unfortunately I trusted that Princess knew her sister when we picked out cupcakes.  Turned out we bought none of the flavours that Diva likes.  ARGHHH!!! Bad Mommy.  So later today Diva and I will be going to the store to get her cupcakes that she actually likes.  I think we shall walk so I can get some exercise in.


Comments on: "Grey days" (3)

  1. My kid is 20 now and has left home; I think my favourite ages from those years at home were 12-14, though!

  2. […] Princess says Diva would enjoy.  In hindsight I am not sure this was a good idea since when I took Princess to buy cupcakes for Diva’s birthday we came home with none of her […]

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