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PGH – 10/8/13

I need help.

These little bite size morsels of almond, caramel goodness are killing my attempts at getting back to healthy.

snickers (Source)

I discovered them by accident.  My father purchased a bag of assorted mini snickers and my girls didn’t like any of them.  I learned that the almond ones are delicious.

Since Hallowe’en is around the corner, guess who found these treats in the store and brought home 3 bags of them!?!

What was I thinking???

On an even sadder note, Killer Abs had to be returned to the library yesterday.  I was very “torn up” about this.  NOT!


Comments on: "PGH – 10/8/13" (3)

  1. Lol – now someone else has the “joy” of borrowing Killer Abs!

    I need to “un-see” the Snickers picture! Too good of an idea…

  2. […] can not truly indulge in obscene amounts of mini almond snickers without some repercussions it […]

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