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Lesson learned the hard way

Last week I was wandering through Winners semi-mindlessly shopping.  A few items found their way into my cart.These were not things I needed by any means.  I have been on the hunt for a quilt for the longest time and actually found one I liked.

I went back and forth for a while and then decided to buy it.  I could always return it if I had buyer’s remorse.

The only quilt I liked did not have a price on it.  So I asked one of the employees if she could find out for me.  She came back with $89.99.  A bit steep for a quilt and 2 shams but it still made it to the cashier.

At the checkout, the cashier refused to take my word for it that the quilt set was $90.  Her call to the bedding department returned a price of $79.99.  Alright, I’ll take that price.

I bought 7 things.  When I brought the bags into my place, I only had 4 items.  I was missing a bag. 😦  I thought I might have possibly missed a bag and left it in my trunk.  I have since double and triple checked my car, the items are not there.

I called the store and got a customer service rep who promptly agreed to credit back the missing items if I went back to the store.  Since the store is a about half an hour away in no traffic, I hesitated.  It’s “only” $18.  She suggested trying a closer store.  I called a closer store and the employee there asked a question that made a lot more sense to me, “How do I know what you left without?”

Talking to a few friends made me think something is not quite right about my initial call.

Anyhoo, I called a third store and they suggested I contact their corporate customer service line and see what could be done.

Calling corporate was relatively painless.  The rep got back to me the same day.  Her statement was upon reviewing the security tapes it looks like all the items were put into the shopping bags.  So me being the precious one that I am asked if I was given all the bags.  She could not answer that question and has gone off to investigate further.  If she calls me back and tells me that I was given all bags I will let it go.

My takeaway from all of this is to stop shopping for crap I don’t need … and to double-check that I am leaving with all of my purchases.


Comments on: "Lesson learned the hard way" (5)

  1. hate to say it, but it’s easy done if you have your mind on half a dozen other things like I do. Hope they get back to you saying you left the things there.

  2. arrgh. It is so easily done though (both the shopping and leaving the bag) especially as Gill says when most of us have our minds on so many things at once. Hope to see that they either turn up at the store or you get a refund.

  3. […] quick update on my missing bag saga.  Turns out I am not going crazy after all.  The CSR from Winners contacted me to tell me […]

  4. […] eating we went to Winners to look around.  I had that $25 gift card from the shopping bag mix up still in my possession.  At this location we found a sweater for my Dad, earrings for my sister […]

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