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Laughing Cow Alfredo

Wednesday dinner was a great hit!!  My girls have requested that Chicken Alfredo be added to our regular menu, preferably without the broccoli. lol  This recipe was so easy to make and tasty too.


A quick update on my missing bag saga.  Turns out I am not going crazy after all.  The CSR from Winners contacted me to tell me she had a different person look at the video and I did leave without one of the bags. 🙂  They will be crediting my card for the missing items and sending me a gift card for my trouble. YEAH!!

While I am happy to be credited the money, I am even happier knowing the mystery has been solved.  I must say dealing with Winners’ customer service was a pleasure.  This lady was polite and efficient and kept her promise to call back.  She really improved my opinion of Winners.


Comments on: "Success" (4)

  1. See, I would have just taken you for crazy… 😉 Just kidding my friend! SO glad they figured that out! That would have seriously drove me around the bend! And I think the gift card for your troubles is warranted!! 🙂 Glad to hear it worked out ok!!

  2. That’s great customer service, kudos to them for going to the effort of checking the video.

    The chicken Alfredo looks like something that would go down well here. Will have to add it to our list.

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