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A trip to Yorkdale

I can’t say I have been up to much.

I worked out 5 times last week if I include my long lazy stroll around Yorkdale.  On Saturday, I decided to tag along with my Dad and brother to the mall.  My Dad parked in some new underground parking lot where they had lights above the spots to tell you if the spot was available.  Like a kid from the country I was in awe.  What a great idea.

Yorkdale parking
So very smart.

My grandchildren are going to have life way too easy.  Cars that park themselves.  I was watching the news last night and they were talking about how no one is learning to drive manual transmission anymore. *crying loudly*  I may never buy a new car since I only drive standard cars.  When Diva was little she used to tell anyone that would listen that her mother couldn’t drive automatic.  It was the cutest thing.

I haven’t been to Yorkdale in years.  I used to refer to it as “the rich people mall” and given my recent visit I may have to rename it the “super rich people mall”.  There are a lot of designer brand name stores.  My Dad told me stories of previous trips where he found a plain t-shirt with a $525 price tag.  Good grief.

In the mall my Dad took me to his favourite stores, including the Tesla “store”.

tesla model s (Source)

I must say it’s a first for me to see a car dealership in a mall.

Tesla is a brand of electric cars.  There is no engine in this car so there is lots of empty space under the hood and the trunk.  Starting at $78,000+ this is not a budget friendly car.  In the store the salesgirl tried her best to convince us of the value of this car.  How much we would save on gas and insurance PLUS there is a government rebate of $7500+ to offset the purchase price.  O_o

Now where did I put my winning lottery ticket?



Comments on: "A trip to Yorkdale" (2)

  1. I am also in awe of that lighting system! Now why can’t they have smart, sensible ideas like that everywhere?!

    I love the idea of an electric car but boy howdy…$78,000!

    I am a manual driver, too. I love the feel of control with gears but I have to admit, it’s on its way out.

    • I like the electric car too but it can only travel I think 400 kms on a single charge so until recharging stations become a popular commodities, I will put this on my when I win lotto list. 😉

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