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OTMTW – 10/27/13

I still have not made a meal plan yet. 😦  I have been winging it.

Sunday – leftovers
Monday – chicken stir fry with rice and green beans
Tuesday – Toonie Tuesday courtesy of Diva
Wednesday – can I justify Montana’s?  It’s all you can eat rib night. leftovers
Thursday – tbd
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – tbd

Diva was craving KFC yesterday so since her Dad gave her money she went to get some.  It was her lucky day as she paid for one meal and somehow came home with two.  Princess is not a big fan of KFC so she just ate the fries and one of the two pieces of chicken.  I had a taste of the skin and remembered that I don’t like KFC.  It’s way too salty.  I made myself a salad.

I don’t have any fruit in my house and only a few green vegetables.  I have been meaning to go to the grocery store but it gets dark really early now and I am not inspired.  That coupled with I’m way over in the food budget this month, I think I am secretly trying to get to next month.  I think I can do it.

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  1. How did you fare? One more day!

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