Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

OTMTW – 11/10/13

I am on the ball today. 🙂  I tried hard to stay away from Costco but they lured me back with discounted mini chicken spring rolls.  That place is terrible for me.  I always seem to find things I didn’t know I needed. 😉

I went in for the spring rolls and some vitamins and I left with a bit more.

Costco cart


Most of the extras were on sale.

I bought my first Christmas present.  I usually get my mother a spa gift card but as I was walking around I noticed that the Phillips blue light was on sale, 33% off.  I think she needs this much more than a trip to the spa.  My mother has SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  I have passed the blue light often and contemplated getting it for her but the high price tag always made me think twice.

Ok, back to the task at hand.

Sunday – stew pork and rice
Monday – ravioli lasagna
Tuesday – chicken enchiladas
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – fish and sweet potatoes
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – mini chicken spring rolls and veggies


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