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Food and exercise

I did not work out yesterday.  Feels good to get that off my chest.  It was on my list of things to do, but well … motivation was lacking.

I was hoping to distract you with some pictures but that post never made it out of my head. LOL

So let me show you them now.

broken table

What are you looking at you may wonder.  That is what is left of the plastic table that was on my balcony during Sunday night’s big wind show.  All night I could hear it banging around outside.  You could not have paid me to go out there to get it though.  I waited until daylight.


And for those of you who were supposed to come to dinner last night and didn’t, here’s what you missed.

chicken chow mein


Ok, enough distractions.

The barre basic video has 7 10 minute workouts on it.  Sounds right up my alley!!  I did 2 this morning.  And my legs are still feeling a bit weak.  There is minimal cardio, as in a just short warm up of leg lifts before each workout.  The exercises themselves don’t look like much but I was am feeling it.  I only worked out my legs this morning.

My intention was to do the remaining workouts when I got home tonight.  Unfortunately by the time I came back from taking Diva to the dentist and finished cooking dinner the mood had passed me.

Now that I know what to expect I am game to do all the exercises.

I may not be moving too fast tomorrow. 😉



Comments on: "Food and exercise" (6)

  1. I exercise first thing in the morning. When I have an early meeting or appointment I can’t possibly get up any earlier, so I skip the exercise and don’t make it up. Then I feel all “out of sorts”! On the plus side, it makes me look forward to getting back into the routine.

  2. Simply Stacia said:

    Do it!!! Exercise does wonders for the spirit! No excuses!!!

  3. Woah – that must have been some wind! I’m annoyed to have missed that dinner, it looks delicious 🙂 “Barre basic” sounds like a whole new form of DVD pain!

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