Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

How is the year almost over already???

This is one of the signs of old age.  Time passes really quickly.

November Goals

  1. Exercise 15 times – 10 times this month
  2. Read 3 books – Done.  I read Orange is the New Black, And the Mountains Echoed, Sharp Objects and Dark Places.
  3. 15 no spend days – 15 no spend days, see what being sick can do for me!! lol
  4. Shop my freezer – I was doing this?  Not if you look at my grocery shopping.
  5. Meal plan – yes I did
  6. Declutter 90 items – this is done but the items are sitting in a corner waiting to go to Goodwill
  7. Stick to the budget – Nope
  8. Figure out Christmas presents – I only have my Dad left
  9. Only grocery shop once a week – Not even close 😦

5/9 … well at least it’s going in the right direction.

December Goals

  1. Exercise 16 times
  2. Read 2 books
  3. 15 no spend days
  4. Shop my freezer
  5. Finish Christmas shopping by Dec 10
  6. Finish putting together the blanket for my BFF
  7. Make Apple Pie cookies
  8. Stick to the budget

I think that is enough.


Comments on: "November recap & December goals" (4)

  1. Yes that is enough 🙂 I like that you got almost all your shopping done and read some books, too!

  2. You did great! 15 No Spend Days is fantastic. I so wish I could stick to grocery shopping once per week – that’s a big goal for me next year.

    • I find grocery shopping to always be my weak spot. I love food and find looking at a full fridge and cupboards to be quite comforting. Plus on more than one occasion I have committed the cardinal sin of shopping while hungry. 😦

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